the great bet

Place a double-bet?

To fund the budget for the start-off a bet game will be offered via social networks.
Lots will be sold on starting earliest 21st of march 2020, one year before the start of the journey.

1. Pending bet on the arrival time

One lot gives its owner the possibility to give one prediction about the arrival time of the journey. Details below.

2. Safe bet on the overall success of the project

Everyone who buys a lot gives this production the chance to start over. In return for that, every lot includes a pro-rata royalty of 1:20.286 of the overall financial return of the project, represented by the brand "the great bet". If it runs okay, every owner of a lot will receive this investment back a couple of times over the years, also not taking part in the predicting game.

journey to the east - THE GREAT LOT

Lot for The Great Bet (specimen)

Preliminary schedule

As the route is supposed to be worked out in interaction with social network users, it won't be easy to predict when exactly the finish line will be crossed.

The daily drive is set to be four hours. The following predicitions are based on the data of bing maps.

first stage

Lisboa (fix) - Wageningen - Piraeus
8.508 km / 93 h: min. 24 days (+2d for probable detour)
2021/03/21 - 04/16

first sea passage

Piraeus - Aeaea- Istanbul
min. 3 days (recreation)
2021/04/16 - 04/19

second stage

Istanbul - Sanaa - Baku
10.213 km / 127 h: min. 32 days
2021/04/19 - 05/21

second sea passage

Baku - Astrakhan - Turkmenbaȿi
min. 3 days (recreation) (+4d for probable detour)
2021/05/21 - 05/28

third stage

Turkmenbaȿi - Balkh (fix) - Macau (fix)
11.085 km / 110 h: min. 28 days (+6d for detours)
2021/05/28 - 2021/07/01


Already now, two more days will very probably be needed for the detour to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague.
Plus four more days for the very probable detour to Elista and Volgograd, starting from Astrakhan harbour.
For now, let's assume 12 additional days in total.

preliminary arrival date

Adding the predictions from above, the journey will take min. 102 days.
Starting off from Lisbon on sunday, 2021/03/21 at 08:30 the estimated time of arrival will be thursday, 2021/07/01 at 12:30.

Asking about exactly the same route, the journey will need at least 107 days. predicts 141 days and calculates 109 days. Here's a pdf showing these time calculations incl. links to the maps.

And now, the Game

First stage

All lots at first will be set to arrival time 2021/07/01, 12:30.
Everyone who buys one or more lots will be able to change the estimated arrival time, starting with the start of the journey 2021/03/21, 08:30. Until about one week before the end of the journey is visible, the polls will be frozen. This will be announced early.

The closest 42 predictions will get an invitation for the final party event, happening 4.2 weeks after the arrival, including transfer and accomodation, of course.

Second stage

A quiz battle during this party will show the 4+2 most experienced followers for the finals.

Third stage

In the final game show none of the six competitors will have a chance to loose. But one of them will win the car, including all special equipment.


Partners... next chapter...