let's roll!

Taxi Dance

European cabdriver learning Mandarin from Chinese journalist on tour from Lisbon, Portugal via Balkh, Afghanistan to Macau, China.


Together discovering transoriental and aphrodi*asian snacks, music and stories on the road. Producing videoblogs, realitysoap, e-learning and gastro-checks to earn some money. Following hints from social media users around the world. Finding solutions for all twists of the journey.
共同 Together.

Delightful European-Asian roadmovie-series. Unique journey. Big Brother on the Road.

The Path is the Goal

New Silk-Roads for a future of sustainability and peace: A "Belt And Road"-close-up.

Pre-Teaser 2019/20 with Liu Yenfen as passenger. Music: Cuca Roseta (C) 2013 Universal Music Portugal S.A.
Ozzy.GD is the nickname of the pre-rehearsal car, GD is the number plate of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.


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