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On the road

Suggestions for formats being produced during the daily drives:

  • performing and being "The Taxi Story"
  • learning Chinese
  • meeting "Hitchhikers" (local guides)
  • listening to local music
  • commenting the panorama-views of the external car cams and the drone
  • reading stories and poems, singing road songs
  • etc.

On sight

Suggestions for what to do with the rest of the day:

  • biking
  • reporting, checking, testing: finding stories_*
  • meeting local heroes
  • visiting concerts, performances, games
  • etc.


Documentary movie of the journey

Once the journey is finished, a documentary movie will be cut for TV and/or cinema, using footage shot by the cab-team as well as footage shot by followers and fans, upgraded by professional productions from the host countries here and there.

Docus of special events

From case to case also longer formats could be produced. Concerts, performances, special sights, special people and their ideas...


The Cast... next chapter...

* There is a broad variety of stories that can be looked for and found. Suggestion: Finding topics and stories that fit to the needs of investors/sponsors/partners, adding stories about sustainability projects (production of food, energy and clothing) and special stories about modern solutions for healthcare, social balance etc., showing the advantages of cultural exchange and bilateral learning made possible along the "belt and road". (back)