the workflow

day on board

05 42 alarm-clock
07 00 breakfast, meeting
08 00 check-out
08 30 daily drive
12 30 check-in, lunch: location-check
14 00 break: biking, capoeira, pilates (time buffer for longer drives)
16 00 local reportage / interview
18 00 tea-time, meeting
19 00+ reporting, testing, ..


The fix cams on board, outside and inside, are wifi connected. During the road-trips the passenger is able to edit in realtime. Life sessions are possible.

At the same time, all daily footage is collected and sent in clusters to the headquarter. There it can be edited and made ready for broadcasting.


Done by the headquarter.


Someone will have to take decisions and help the actors on the road to work as much as possible in the direction desired. The input from social networks will be important for the further development of the route as well as the story. But: One person ore one small team has to work out the balance between all important matters, which may vary from country to country.


Ramadan (also high season for the entertainment industry):
2021/04/12 - /05/11, quite exactly during the second stage through "Middle-East".

Due to corona the European Soccer Championship is delayed to 2021/06/11 - /07/11
as well as the Olympic Games to 2021/07/23 - /08/08

2021-07-23: Hundred years anniversary 中國共產黨 (Communist Party of China)


Journalistic, medical, technical and mental support will be provided by international social networks.


The Great Bet... next chapter...