the story, english

Once upon a time...

Mrs. Wang had to fly to Lisbon to produce a feature for Lotus TV Macau about fado singer Cuca Roseta.

As part of a bet (and because she's been tired of her successful life for a long time) she decides to travel home not by plane, but by taxi, earning money on the road by producing videos about aphrodi*asian food, accomodations, music, special places and everyday stories. The bet is: Will she make more money on the road than she has to spend to make her dream come true: to see the birthplace of Rumi in Balkh, Afghanistan?

And to spend some weeks doing just what she wants to do.

The first cab that comes along is hired and the driver agrees without hesitation: „Macau? Let's roll!“ - Fees and expenses? Mrs. Wang is well equipped with a powerful deck of cards. First some equipment has to be bought: A cam drone, a sat-antenna to be able to go online wherever the journey might lead, good mobiles, action-cams, bikes and laptops to turn the cab into a high-end video-creating vessel.


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